3 months ago
#blackouttuesday link in my bio on how to help
Rdj_ts2008 3
All lives matter
#boycotttrump and his supporters
BLM but your home town and country Australia is suffering and where are you and your family to speak for the fans that give you fame? We expected more from you all! Your silence shows your loyalties. Dont think for one second the people arent noticing!!!!!
You’re so influential - what have you done differently since this ? @chrishemsworth
ALL LIVES MATTER #justiceforcannonhinnant say his name
all lives matter, BLM is racism
Why do you support a racist, Marxist organization that promotes violence & bigotry?
Thank you my brother
$20 for 10k insta fans
$25 for 15k instagram fans
$30 for 20k instagram fans
What is thes sir
Thank you spreading the message 🖤🖤
Yuck. You support terrorist. Pray for Lebanon.