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I’m so excited to share the news about my newest collab with my sisters: @kkwfragrance Diamonds II Collection by Kourtney x Kim x Khloé! Based on the amazing response from the first Diamonds collection, we couldn’t wait to work together again on a second iteration that was a bit sexier and more glamorous. The Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire stones each have a unique symbolic meaning to us. I’ve always personally loved the rich blue color of Sapphires and how they are thought to bring peace, wisdom and positivity. My fragrance is a gorgeous floral scent mixed with vanilla and sandalwood that makes me feel so beautiful and confident. Shop the new #KKWDIAMONDS II fragrances on Friday, 09.18 at 12PM PT at KKWFRAGRANCE.COM
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Arka fonda A Be Kaynana çalıyor 😂
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excellent selection of colors 😂😂🇦🇿 ❤️
Totally spies 😝
This photo explodes my head😻
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Oh nice how much Girls? 🔥🔥
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
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It’s Alvin and the chipmunks 👏
🔥 yas @khloekardashian ! You're my fitness inspiration. I used to be petite and now.... I am a lot bigger than I used to be because of the hormones that I took to finally get pregnant with my son. I don't have regrets at all. I love my son. But of course, I still need to work on getting back into shape. Seeing how you transformed into this voluptuous woman is such a huge feat. I will keep on working on myself until I get the same vibe as you do. Take care 💓 I am a huge fan.
Kitanna , jade , and skarlet 😝
Beautiful 💝
pirena, alena, amihan
The sisters ❤️😵
If the khardasians were benders. Kourtney looks real good as fire nation 👀🔥. And khloe as water tribe?! 💦
the sisters ❤️!
Piccadilly streaming now 🔊🎶
Y'all look same but stunning
Giving me #tLc vibes 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💯
Armenian girls 👍♥️♥️💣💣💣💣