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@ryanholiday your work is so awesome bro! currently re-reading your other books too, they’ve made such a difference in my life- Stoic wisdom 4 lyf
Gold bicht
you are the best!!
Love u so much @camila_cabello ❤️❤️
@camila_cabello I need to tell you something. In this period I am discovering many about myself that I had underestimated and even some that I did not know I had. I realized that I want to love a woman with all my heart, marry her, have children and live forever together. Above all, I understood an important thing about me, I have too much self-neck but I can enough outside but I want you to do it. I really want to know what you feel and think about me, tell me everything and don't be afraid to overdo it. I want to know everything. Let me understand how clearly you feel. I don't ask that you be that woman but I want to realize how your situation is because I love you and I want you to always be well. I want to take care of you and make you feel good
Nagging granny, have you flirted men as always? ☺️
I loved the way it all explained learnt a lot and it has changed my life☺️
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I literally read this book every morning,365 days faithfully ! Nice to see stoicism is something you are fond of. ☮️❤️✊
Honor lady you are greatest among people of today what our propphet p.b.I.p.taught to us you are doing this with great regards my love of joys are with you
Such wise words!
Gt gt gt
When a bird is alive, it eats ants. When it dies, the ants eat the bird. Millions of matches are made from one tree. But when the time comes, just one matchstick is enough to burn millions of trees. Terms and conditions can change at any time. Do not harass or humiliate in your personal life. You may be powerful today, but remember: the rotation of time is more powerful than you! So in any case, just be good and do a good job.
Title of this book??
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I agree
True words🔥🔥
What book is this
shorty out here bein stoic
Which book?? I’ve listened to The Obstacle is The Way, v good
Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@camila_cabello I can’t wait to gift you my new book how to manifest anything I feel it was written for you! ❤️💯🎉🙌
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I need you..
How are you @camila_cabello
Big fan 🇮🇳
I love you
Love this!!
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