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Every single of one of us is needed in this world. You reading this.. we need you. We need your unique light, your imperfect but authentic way of shining, your story, your struggles, your insecurities, your mountains that you climbed, the ones you’re climbing, and the ones you think you’re not ready to climb, your messiness, your best shot, your rawness, your YOUNESS. We don’t need you when you’re perfect, we need you NOW. As you are. It is a miracle to be born at this moment in time, to be on this strange, miraculous planet with all the questions that we just can’t answer about why we are here - you, as you are, have something to contribute to this planet, so that maybe it (or your household, your neighborhood, or your classroom) can be just a little bit better because you are here. Don’t play small. It doesn’t serve you, and you can probably feel that. But also... it doesn’t serve.. anybody. Don’t deprive this world of your story, of your YOU-NESS. Give us your gifts, give us your light, take up space, take your power back. The world needs you to be YOU.
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Open the bra
Te acho uma das cantoras mais TALENTOSAS da nova geração. Além de ser linda. Espero que você conserve sua BELEZA NATURAL, pois ela é referência para outras mulheres. A sua cor de cabelos CASTANHOS é original e linda. Quem bom é ver mulheres lindas/maravilhosas sem um padrão artificial de beleza que tantas por aí assumem com uso de silicones nos peitos e mechas loiras nos cabelos e ficam todas IGUAIS como se fossem GOURMETIZADAS por um padrão ARTIFICIAL de Beleza tão DESTRUTIVO e TÓXICO para muitas mulheres. Você é linda e espelho para muitas mulheres com a BELEZA NATURAL e espero que conserve isso, pois muitas mulheres se inspiram em você.
I can go kill me for you
Imma miss u long hair but BYEEEEE 😂😂
Eres grande Camila 😍
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والله مزه
shunlam tui ar tor bauilla jamai shahjadpur bosti theka korail bosti teh shift korsos
matha chulkas kan sharakhon
lengra koira dibo thang guli kaita
drain er pani khawa dibo
kono qualification nai tor
iccha kore roshi diya pechaya maira felte tore
jin dhukse tor bhitor?emon koros ken? shala autistic
shali foginni
You are truly beautiful from head to toe