1 month ago
@rajonrondo up to his old tricks!

WCF Game 4 on TNT
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So embarrassing
We seeing prime Celtics rondo rn
Put this to 2K please⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
@_lorenzo.fornari_ this is something you would do
Nice dribling
look at murray 😂
@baekyubin_ 1번째ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Got jokic reachin
@jmglitxh27 that’s one of the worst flops I’ve ever seen 💀
See that guy Rando he's not a human
Murray flopped so hard
@silvermarkk Rondo with a fake 😂😂😂
Baseball is better
Jamal's ankle got broke on that fake pass. lol
@fundacionlosgolditos tiene más de 10 años dando resultado ese movimiento 🔥🔥
That haircut is up to something as well
So we gon act like he didnt fake tf out of Murray 🤣 dat boy didnt know what to do!
Jamal really fell down to try to get the foul 💀
Broke his ankles
Murray wasn’t faked out AD bumped into him & made him spin but it was a good fake. 💯
Get him a headband
How come rondo wade butler trio didn’t work last time🤔. Should have been the beast.
5 steps-ish
La frente de Rondo no me dejo concentrarme en el amague 😂😂😂
rondo is so much better than so many other people
That’s ode
Demonic artifact
@rickyberrozpe una clásica de Rondo en boston
@d.viv typical Murray going for the flop 😂
@vladkidd ended up following the pass to nowhere
@ionmur98 @pikeras7 @oscarmurchante3 ya no es solo la finta de pase, esq deja a murray en el suelo.. 🔥🔥
Vet is different
@nba fire all refs and hire new ones.
Refs in 7
damn Murray 😂
He dropped Murray!
Yo did y’all see Maury fall 😮 what a fake rondo
Sneaky @rajonrondo 😂
Ayyyyyyyy The Real Rondo! 😅
who is Rondo's barber?