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Swipe πŸ‘‰ for the solution & tag an outstanding teacher below. πŸ™ŒThey’re being asked to give more of themselves than ever right now, so we think it’s time we give back to them. Thank you to the @socialchangefnd for your support of mental health in supplying the Chopra App and additional resources to the educators in the BIPOC community who are a part of @teachforamerica, @donorschoose, and @hbcuheroes. Their self-care is more important than ever right now, and we’re grateful we can provide them with access to the tools that will help make their well-being a priority.

Teachers: We know you’re going above and beyond right now, and we know it’s not easy. You care for the future generations every day and now we want to take care of you. πŸ’›
23 hours ago
Change is constant. πŸ’« In the days to come, we may experience feelings of uncertainty. The truth is, there is no way of knowing what we’ll face in the future. When we embrace the unknown rather than resisting it, we surrender to the flow of the universe, and in that surrender, there is freedom. πŸ™ Approaching with curiosity rather than fear can open us up in unexpected ways. That change in perspective can change our reality. ⁠

πŸ‘‰ Join us for Equanimity 2020, a series of free daily talks with @DeepakChopra and @DeviBrown to empower yourself to navigate this pivotal moment. Tap the link in bio to download the Chopra App for iOS and join the conversation.

Words via @mysticmandala
2 days ago
As 2020 continues to unfold, we’re here to answer the tough questions. More specifically, @DeepakChopra is. Join him and @DeviBrown for a series of free daily talks that respond to what’s going on in our world at this time. Together, we’ll work to build compassion, manage anxiety, and cultivate comfort in the unknown. πŸ’› Download the Chopra App on iOS for free to stay in the know. Link in bio.
3 days ago
Grab your journal and a pen and sit down with @DeviBrown as she guides you through creating affirmations from scratch.✨
4 days ago
And you only get one. Take good care of yourself. πŸ’›

Image via @iamkatross
4 days ago
It's those little morning moments that set you up for a beautiful day in flow. ✨ Tell us below: What makes your mornings magical? ⁠

For daily meditations and our recommendations on self-care practices, join us in the Chopra App. Link in bio.
6 days ago
Although @DeepakChopra says the true Self is never born, we want to honor him today on his birthday. Help us celebrate his years of achievements and contributions to the study of well-being by joining us in the Chopra App for one of his meditations. πŸ™ Then share something you've learned from him below! Download the app for free by tapping on the link in our bio.

We are so grateful for all you've given us, Deepak. πŸ’› Wishing you lightness of being, today and every day.
7 days ago
This year has been challenging for us all in unique ways. It's forced us to build new routines, unlearn old habits, and stay connected in a socially-distant world. So we reflect: how can this new way of being allow for expansion? Focusing your attention on high-vibration emotions and as @DeepakChopra says, "doing whatever makes you joyful." πŸ₯°⁠

Share with us: where will you place your attention moving forward?⁠

Expand your awareness in the Chopra App with daily self-care practices to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Link in bio to download.
7 days ago
2020 got you feeling all sorts of ways? Sound on and tune into @deepakchopra and @aliciakeys’s special conversation on the value of self-care during these uncertain times, and how it can help prepare us for the future.
8 days ago
Better yet, try this: grab a pen and paper and make a list of all the things you love about yourself. Pick one and share below to inspire others to practice unwavering self-love. πŸ’›⁠

Photo via @secondsapart
9 days ago
Want to see a change in your relationships? Uplift your community? Make a difference in the world? Start inside. Swipe πŸ‘‰ for practices to heal within. Which practice will you start with?

Tap the link in bio to download the Chopra App for self-care practices to support you in 2020 and beyond.
10 days ago
An ode to 2020. And we rise together. ✨⁠

Words of wisdom from @kianaazizian
12 days ago
Don't hold back πŸ’› Fill the comments with love πŸ‘‡
12 days ago
*You're making us blush* πŸ₯° Scrolling these reviews each day makes us feel all good inside. ✨ Thank you from the bottom of our heart for all of the support with the new Chopra App. Tell us in the comments: What's your favorite feature? ⁠

πŸ‘‰ Haven't tried it yet? Download it for free via link in bio.
13 days ago
When will the world get back to "normal?" Never, we hope. Because we don't want the world as it was before. We need a new normal. A better normal. Where we slow down and listen to what our bodies, minds, and spirits are telling us. πŸ™ A world where we love ourselves, and radiate that love to everyone around us. A world where we put our well-being, and the well-being of the global collective, at the top of our priority list.⁠

πŸ‘‰ Let's build a better world together. Comment below: What routines and practices are part of your new normal? ⁠

Join us in the Chopra App to get our recommendations for your daily self-care practices. Link in bio.⁠

Thought provoking question via @futureearth
14 days ago
If today feels a bit messy, now you know why. πŸ™ƒ During Mercury retrograde, an optical illusion occurs where the planet appears to move in a backward motion from Earth. Astrologers believe it has an impact on our communication, affecting our technology, relationships, and contracts. This is the Universe reminding us to slow down and stay away from big decisions.

But have no fear – there are plenty of ways you can prepare for the side effects of this transit. And we’ve put them all in one place. Tap the link in bio to download the Chopra App for daily recommendations to stay flexible, calm, and grounded in the weeks ahead.
15 days ago
What kind of meditator are you? Drop an emoji below:
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Changing up your routine or starting something new can be overwhelming. But don't worry, we made it easy for you... when you tap the link in our bio, it will take you to our new app, where you'll take a short quiz to get personalized recommendations for your daily routine. See you inside! 😌
16 days ago
Join us for a very special installment of "Self-care, Simplified" in honor of Indigenous People's Day. Chopra's Chief Impact Officer, @devibrown, will share the traditions and spiritual paths of America's indigenous people. Sound on to tune in. πŸ™πŸ½
16 days ago
What's your favorite mantra? πŸ™ Never used one before? πŸ‘‰ Here are a few you can try (and why)...

...then join us for a free mantra meditation! Download the Chopra App for iOS and select the Find Your Inner Compass meditation in Journey to You. Tap the link in bio to get the app and let us know what you think. 😌
18 days ago
Your mental health > everything else. πŸ‘ˆ Write it on a post-it and stick it to your mirror. Make it a daily event on your calendar. Save this post as a reminder. Whatever. it. takes.πŸ’› There is nothing more important than your well-being, even though sometimes the world tries to tell you otherwise. πŸ‘‰ In honor of World Mental Health Day, start small... tap the link in bio to download the Chopra App and we'll give you simple self-care practices to support your mental health.
19 days ago