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@kissnuka Music head at @incinkrecords Studios @thebeastindiacompany Sending out an SOS @nukatoearth 🌱🌏🐾

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1 day ago
Over a decade ago I started a tradition of tying the most embarrassing, annoying rakhis to @manchandashikhar every year. The first one was a powerpuff girl..if you swipe there’s a photo of him and he does not look pleased at all.. πŸ˜†

Over the years I’ve tied him rakhis consisting of barbie faces, big squeaky dinosaurs (don’t ask how), and even the zoozoo dolls.

Mortal enemies when we were younger, we became besties as adults. We hang out with each other...A LOT. We work with each other, and we’re housemates. Some days we are a well oiled machine, and others we want to pull each other’s hair out!

Happy rakhi RĀKHIS !! Can’t wait for the world to hear what’s been cooking in your studio 🀩
1 day ago
2 days ago
29th July freshhhhhhh ⚑️

8 days ago
Repost @animaprotection
Embrace your feminine side. Aries in the Mars for the next 6 months! Inspiring Indian Warrior @anushkadisco ❀️ πŸ”₯ and American warrior @thewildfront !

#minibustier # #blackdress made of #lenzingmodal / sourced with @stscsustainabletextiles produced in India

#embracethefeminine #femalefutureforce #fridayforfurure #dontgoalllifesleeping #dontpretendwedontdo #futuristicfashion #fashion #art #berlinart

9 days ago
Was so heavy reading and watching the stuff young Indian men were saying to #AgrimaJoshua. I went down that rabbit hole and found this what they are calling the #hindustanibhau vibe..and it is extremely disturbing.

These are the sons of India who speak a language so horrific, I’m sure the great Maratha ruler feels sad. I have read some amazing stories of #ShivajiMaharaj. Some of them say this-

He was a brave man with intelligence and foresight, a pragmatic man of morals. He said love your religion, but do not hate the religion of others. He believed in god but he was not superstitious.

I am reading that fifty years ago his portraits used to be displayed outside Maharashtra in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat. However religious fanaticism has claimed Shivaji Maharaj only for Maharashtra and confined the man once so popular everywhere else..to within the walls of this state.
Gangadhar Banbare, a history scholar, said that unlike many other rulers that India has witnessed in history, Shivaji Maharaj never allowed any kind of disrespect to women. “During his rule women were protected and their dishonour was not taken lightly,” he added.

In 1645, at a very young age, Shivaji Raje showed an ideal example of justice. A Patil from a village called Ranjhe was punished severly for his misbehavior with a poor woman. The punishment was to cut off his hands and legs.

If he is the idol, then how can these young men speak in this manner? Do they really believe that this great Maratha warrior would be approve of them abusing others, especially women in his name? To separate people on the basis of religion and say his name in the same sentence?

Something must be seriously wrong with the education system if that’s what these boys are getting from their text books. But that’s a story for another day

Here’s Lucy and me having a moment this afternoon. Seems that just like me Lucy is becoming softer and more gentle. We are getting older and wiser ♥️
16 days ago
Tits and cats
20 days ago
Shringar : Adornment 🌸
Every morning, or afternoons when I wake up late, I bathe, then I lovingly massage my skin with oils..coconut πŸ₯₯ or pomegranate, wear my beautiful clothes that have been packed away for so long, add jewels on my bodyπŸ’Ž , put fallen feathers in my hair, and on some days I paint my face, extending the dots tattooed around my eyes and chin into trying-to-be-symmetrical tribal patterns.
I use different scents for my body..one day jasmine, another citrusπŸ‹, maybe coffee..

I’ve always been working from home, now more than ever because my studio is right next to my bedroom. That was more the absent professor vibe : no meals no shower no day or night.
So this is a real change for me. A really lovely one!

I am considering what this all means, and why it makes me feel good. Is it a subconscious adaptation to this lockdown and isolation? I have felt myself expanding with the power of the feminine in the last year as never before, so is it a part of my personal growth?
How I got here..could be either, or both. However, it feels like what I’m doing..this time I am giving myself daily..is about self love. I’m not doing this for anybody else but myself.

I am aware that this could sound superficial, however this process has become my time with myself separate from what I must allot to take care of my body and my mind ✨

I am connecting more with the feminine, I am caring even less (if that was possible) about societal norms and expectations. I am building my world around me as I wish to see it, to be in it 🧬🧿

Sharing this with you as a kind of a hack to lockdown blues, if you wanna try it..going nowhere but adorning yourself..adoring yourself..with your daily shringar 🌺

As I type this, the last week I have had no time to do this because 2 of my kittens are unwell and every day has been a day at the vet, mask wearing, social distancing, sanitizing, you know the drill. And I actually miss it!
Well, here I am as pink frangipani 🌸 #lockdownblossoming
24 days ago
So I used these for a week before I recorded this video, and I am sharing with you here the stuff I am really kicked about..
With a click of a button, I'm in my own little club with these new JBL Club One Headphones. I can tune it all out with ‘True Adaptive Noise Cancelling’.
And the best one for me..the fact that I can EQ these on the go...top!
More at @jblindia and https://amzn.to/2O7k1o0

#JBL #DareToListen #WhereYourMusicAt #TuneInNoiseOut #ClubSeries #TuneInNoiseOut #JBLLegendaryProSound

25 days ago
Cable disable
*i know where everything is okay?*
26 days ago
1 month ago
As a 14 year old, I used to save money to buy Fair and Lovely for myself. I thought that having dark skin meant that I would never be able to wear bright colored lipstick..only brown forever. My mum never wore makeup so I never thought to check this with her, but I remember a few moments of sadness at what I thought was the loss of colour from my life. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup anyway, so it wasn’t like I could test it myself and check it out.
I remember an older relative commenting on my skin once..that it was looking so fair and fresh. And I was like damn! This cream works! I think it was in my life for a year or so, after which I must have gotten bored of it (totally normal, I’m always switching up my skin care products), but the thing about the dark skin and the colors stayed with me for a long time.

At age 18 I arrived in Bombay after becoming a part of Viva, and I was introduced to the world of makeup in full scale. Makeup artists showed me all the colours I could use. Pink? Really I could wear pink? @urbanchokra was one of the first makeup artists who made me feel beautiful 🌸

Around the same time @bipashabasu was arriving in the film industry. She blew my mind! Everywhere she was described as ‘dusky’, it was the go-to word for the media at the time. This gorgeous brown skinned woman gave me a feeling I didn’t even recognize at that time. Today I know that it was a feeling of inclusion and acceptance.

I have to say that I write this all very dispassionately because I never felt so deeply affected by this on a day to day basis. My mother is dark skinned, the focus was on academics, I was such a tomboy and I really had so so much fun growing up. I had great friends both in my school and in my locality, a great support system at school with my teachers who were fond of me, and my dad who would pamper me so much!
I was lucky.
I am lucky.
But I know this is not the case for many.
Theirs was not an oversight or a mistake. This was avery clear campaign..systematically discriminating against a whole section of society on the basis of their skin. (Check @rosh93 ‘s feed)
Changing the name won’t change anything.

#fairandlovely #glowandfuckoff
1 month ago
Deadline for submissions for the EIA extended till August 11th!
Go to my bio nowwww spread the word let’s do this!
#saveeia #savewildlife #savenature
1 month ago
OMG It’s #PlasticFreeJuly !

So @giftgreenindia reminded me today that we can use less, save more, waste less, and conserve more! πŸ’š
They wrote that this is great for us because it will only give us more space in our lives for good thoughts, More Space for Nature to flourish, more and more space for ourselves to do better.
This month you can start your journey and continue for a month. It takes 21 days to build a habit, we have 31 days.πŸ€—
@giftgreenindia will share easy and basic tips you can start your plastic free journey with.😍
Take up the challenge and go for it. Trying and failing is much better than not trying and not failing.πŸ™Œ
@thehappyturtleindia can help you calculate your Plastic footprint, start from there if you want guys! (I am also doing this and while I have cut A LOT of plastic out from my life, this calculator brings everything to my attention 😳)
Also check out @plasticfreejuly to take up the challenge.β˜€οΈ
#plasticfreejuly #giftgreen #plasticfreejulychallenge #reducereuserecycle #lessismore #wasteless #plasticsucks #mothernature
1 month ago
For the earth, for the old trees, for the animals losing their homes everyday, coming into human territory to find food because their land has been taken by us...for all those things that I know break your heart..please come through.

TODAY IS THE FINAL DAYYY to save the EIA! Link in my bio

Sign and share widely. The EIA is all we have as protection. Help save it.

Photo credit @debdrumpower
1 month ago
🌈 To all my LGBTQIA+ family.. For all the ignorance, the exclusion, the hurt and the hatred, there can never be enough of an apology. But what we can do is replace these with awareness, acceptance and love. To educate ourselves and understand what it is like to walk in your shoes, and build a world that is truly equal and inclusive. Happy #pridemonth! 🌈
1 month ago
Repost @animaprotection
inspiration : French-American artist #LouiseBourgeois ‘s exhibition #TheEmptyHouse in @schinkelpavillon, Berlin, moved ANIMA PROTECTION to create machinemadelace as a symbol of home, spider net around us.
With @anushkadisco & @thewildfront
1 month ago
This was first project to go out from Nuka @kissnuka two years ago.
Mute was designed out of the desire to connect more with nature and the other beings that we share the earth with.

If you would like to save wildlife and nature, you can do that today by saving the EIA..the environmental impact assessment, which protects land and thereby protects the animals on that land.
We have time only till 30th June to protest this change in the EIA. If they change it then our land, enviroment, nature, animals, all flora fauna are going to suffer immeasurably.
As it is during this lockdown lots of harmful projects have got the go ahead.
Help your future! Click on the link in my bio and stop this from happening πŸ˜žπŸ™πŸΎ Also check out the work of @wildlifesos @wildlifetrustofindia @sanctuaryasia @carapiranha @prowl_trust @hansdalal
Photographer : @pretikamenon
Hair and makeup : @eshwarlog
Production design : @joystonvaz
Concept : @kissnuka and @neranee
Photo editors : @rkpimages and @pretikamenon
Agent : @swethshetty
Assistance : Nida Sheikh
Location : @bigredtent and @theitravelgroup2011

#mute #saveeia
1 month ago
Peeeeepppsss!! We all know that India has a rich tradition of simply delicious by default plant based vegan dishes that we eat almost every day!

Our return to our roots of roti, sabji, dal, chawal, cuchumber, chutney, papad, pickle (devoid of dahi and ghee) has the power to save the world.
Let's #TakePandemicsOffTheMenu while helping save our only home: our planet, Earth. We can do this... collectively ♥️
For more information:
MillionDollarVegan.com @milliondollarvegan_india
1 month ago
Making space for myself. Slower than usual, one thing at a time, step by step.
What is the new normal?
Asking questions, and learning to slowly but steadily arrive at the answers myself. 🌻 Here is a flower for you. I wish you always a sun that shines brightly on you, warming your heart and raising your spirit (but maaaaybe not making you sweat too much πŸ€“)
1 month ago