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On Wednesday, June 10, I will #SharetheMicNow with another voice. ⁣

Listen up. πŸ‘‚πŸΏπŸ‘‚πŸΎπŸ‘‚πŸ½πŸ‘‚πŸΌπŸ‘‚πŸ»⁣ graphic by @missmoultrie
16 hours ago
Today, Breonna Taylor would have celebrated her 27th birthday.⁣

Breonna was an award-winning EMT and first responder in Louisville, KY.⁣

On the night of March 13th, the Louisville Metro Police executed a no-knock warrant, reportedly looking for drugs they never found, trafficked by a person who did not live with Breonna or in her complex — and whom they already had in custody.⁣

They sprayed her home with 20 rounds, shooting Breonna 8 times — killing her while she slept in her bed.⁣

No one has been arrested.⁣

Today, we are asking you to:⁣

1) Email Mayor Greg Fischer to demand that the LMPD fire and revoke pensions of the officers who murdered Breonna; and arrest, charge, and convict them for this crime. Email: Greg.Fischer @louisvilleky.gov

2) Demand that special prosecutor Daniel Cameron comport with full transparency and accountability. Email: attorney.general @ag.ky.gov

Please join us in this fight by making your voice heard now. Click the link in bio for further information.⁣

#BreonnaTaylor #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor #BirthdayforBreonna #SayHerName
18 hours ago
Thank you @ibramxk for your thought leadership. Listen to the full episode at the link in profile.
1 day ago
@ibramxk writes, "By not running from the books that pain us, we can allow them to transform us. I ran from antiracist books most of my life. But now I can’t stop running after them — scrutinizing myself and my society, and in the process changing both."⁣

A teacher, scholar, and student who can teach us all. Link in profile to listen to the episode.
2 days ago
Listen. Learn. Amplify Black voices.

For resources and ways to take action now, click link in profile.

Tomorrow, we're releasing a podcast conversation with @ibramxk.

On Thursday, we will have a list of all the authors, scholars, and activists that you recommended in the comments of our last post.

3 days ago
From the dehumanizing language and policy of this administration, to the history of white women using the performative “quiver of fear” when calling the police to report innocent black men, to police brutality, the system is working exactly how it was designed. ⁣

The system is not broken. This is the expansive and intricate system of dehumanization that was constructed to support white supremacy and slavery. ⁣

The system is more complex now, but one thing remains at the center: We, the white folks, are the conduit for the system. It was built to serve us. When we do nothing it surges through us. To end racism, we have to break the system. We have to see it and fight against it - we have to be anti-racist. ⁣

There are many ways to break and rebuild. But here’s what I know for sure: ⁣

The most important anti-racism work I’ve done over the past 20 years and that I’m still doing is taught and led by people with the lived experience of racial oppression - NOT white people. This includes my professors, writers, activists, bosses, and mentors. For me, it’s also about seeing, sharing, and honoring the lived experiences of my friends whose realities are/were clearly different than mine. ⁣

Our job is to seek out the teaching, value it, submit to the pain of learning without asking our teachers to absolve us or add our emotions to their load, and know that being held accountable is hard and painful. And part of learning is acting and doing. ⁣

There are many teachers who are leading the way. Here are some teachers that I follow and who are doing critical work right now. ⁣

@berniceaking (on MSNBC today at 1:45EST and has an important series on FB)⁣

@clintsmithiii (June 3 event)⁣

@ibramxk (on Unlocking Us this week)⁣

@rachel.cargle (Public address on revolution available now)⁣
@austinchanning (@tnqshow)
If you know of other teachers - please leave them in the comments. Amplify their voices and their work. Buy their books. Take their classes. Break the system.
5 days ago
My conversation with @pronounced_ing is the first of two episodes on the amazing book and Hulu series, Little Fires Everywhere!⁣

Celeste and I talked about the writing process, the stories that we tell, and the stories that define us.⁣

We also covered how our hometowns shape us, how parenting is a shame minefield, and how we all have the power to mourn moments even while we’re in them. I loved this episode as a reader, as a writer and as an observer of what it means to be human.⁣

Link in profile to listen to the full episode.
9 days ago
We read @ibramxk ‘s book for our last organization-wide read. The book in the photo is actually my copy. As you can see - lots of notes and questions. More passages highlighted than not. ⁣

Learning is hard. Unlearning is harder. Pretending that most of us don’t need to do either when it comes to racism is its own form of violence.
9 days ago
Such a tremendous honor to give the @utaustintx commencement address last night! A true highlight of my career. 🧑⁣

To ALL 2020 GRADS: You have exactly what it takes to change the world.⁣

It won't be on your terms or on your timeline. The world does not ready itself for our plans.⁣

Our ability to live a life of love and meaning, to make the world a braver and kinder place, and to disrupt and reshape the future has NOTHING to do with the greatness of our plans – it depends completely on our ability to get back up and begin again when our plans fail.⁣

We must be committed to getting back up and beginning again the exact same number of times that we fall, trip, or get pushed down.⁣

That commitment starts now - with this crisis.⁣
⁣We must learn how to lean into our vulnerability, stay curious, and practice courage.⁣

Get back up. Begin again. β€οΈπŸŽ“β€οΈ⁣

Link in profile for the full commencement address.
12 days ago
Join me and the @utaustintx graduating class of 2020, Saturday night at 9pm CST.⁣
Such an honor to deliver the commencement address to these amazing students.⁣
#40Acres #HookEmHorns 🧑🀘🏻🧑⁣

PS Yes, That is my lipstick.
14 days ago
As a sports fan I loved talking with Pete Carroll and Steve Kerr about the power of owning mistakes, resetting after failure, and why vulnerability is the heart of sport.⁣

PS: I added my bitmoji to their logo because . . . why not? I like her.⁣

Listen to the episode at the link in my profile.
15 days ago
@ChrisHeuertz and I talk about the Enneagram which he describes as a "compassionate sketch of possibilities that shows us who we can become if we remember what our souls' created purpose was."⁣

Chris's power as a teacher comes from his compassion, his deep understanding of how fear works in our lives, and his own healthy skepticism about things that seem too easy and too reductive.⁣

Swipe to see two of my favorite quotes from Chris. And you can use the link in profile to listen to the full episode.⁣


I can’t answer any of your Enneagram questions. I’m just exploring. ⁣

Also, I don’t think of the Enneagram like I think of the valid and reliable instruments in the literature that focus on the “Big Five.” Truthfully, I’m not a huge fan of those either. For me, it’s a useful tool for my contemplative spirituality practice. ⁣

And, as a researcher, I think it has merit in terms of identifying the different ways fear shows up. I also think Chris’s approach is aligned with the literature on mindfulness - especially his writings on silence, stillness, and solitude. ⁣

I think being clear on what it is and what it is NOT is key to understanding all instruments. ⁣
16 days ago
It’s ok to need. ⁣
It’s ok to ask. ⁣
It’s ok to receive. ⁣
Dammit. ⁣

Hard practice for those of us who attach our value to being givers. But so worth it. 🧑
17 days ago
If you know @jayduplass and @markduplass - you're going to love this conversation!⁣

If you don't know them - you'll thank me for introducing them to you. They are brilliant, funny, honest and incredible creatives. Their book "Like Brothers" is an amazing read and listen.⁣

You'll understand the Rush t-shirts better if you swipe to the video. It's a clip from Togetherness on HBO that made me love them even more. I can neither confirm nor deny that we memorized that routine in our house. 🀘🏻⁣

Listen to the episode at the link in my profile.
23 days ago
Deep gratitude for nurses. This week and every week. ❀️
24 days ago
Ahmaud Arbery's murder is every parent's nightmare. Your beautiful child leaves to go for a run, a bike ride, or to hang out with friends and never comes home. This nightmare is a reality for Black families across this country.⁣

We must demand that violence driven by hate and white supremacy is classified as terrorism because that's exactly what it is. ⁣

We must demand that our country fights white supremacy driven domestic terrorism with full effort and funding. We must prosecute to the full extent of the law, and our leadership must take a unifying stand against domestic terrorism, rather than offering cover through dehumanizing policy and language. ⁣

Thank you to @ashlukadraws for allowing me to use this image of Ahmaud Arbery and his mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones.
25 days ago
This is so powerful.
And explains a lot about our world right now.
Thank you @harriet_lerner.

Listen to this 2-part special on #UnlockingUs at the link in my profile.
28 days ago
I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to apologize A LOT over the past six weeks - which makes this the perfect time to lean into Dr. Harriet Lerner’s work on apologizing.⁣

This two-episode podcast special is based on a course that @harriet_lerner and I did together on her groundbreaking book, "Why Won't You Apologize: Healing Big Betrayals and Everyday Hurts."⁣

When you listen, you can expect authentic, hard conversations (and one helluva role play) about making mistakes, healing hurts, and being brave.⁣

During a time of deep uncertainty and anxiety - when many of us have struggled to be our best selves all of the time - apologizing has never been more important.⁣

Listen to the full episode at the link in profile!
1 month ago
When coaches DARE TO LEAD!

Vulnerability is the heart of sport. I love working with coaches and athletes.

I also love the focus on how we respond to vulnerability.

Are we creating a safe space for people to show up?

Thank you, Sir Stephen Hansen. Coach Hansen, High Chief Of Vaiala, is a New Zealand rugby union coach and former rugby union player. He is the former head coach of the All Blacks, having stepped down at the end of the 2019 Rugby World Cup.
1 month ago
Tonight! Chatting with @jimmyfallon on @fallontonight - talking FFTs! β€οΈπŸ‘ŠπŸΌβ€οΈ
1 month ago