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The only thing that's a bigger mouthful than the name of Luke Zocchi's Chocolate Nut & Seed Protein Oats with Caramelized Banana is... an actual mouthful of Luke Zocchi's Chocolate Nut & Seed Protein Oats with Caramelized Banana.

This brand new Centr recipe is full of flavor, muscle-building power, goodness and energy. Quite simply, it's the bowl you need to get out there there and seize the day!

Save this recipe to your favorites and fuel your day, Zocchi style.

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12 hours ago
It started with a free trial, now Centr member Karen has finally found a healthy lifestyle that works for her.

"Just because I have a fitness background doesn't mean that I don't struggle," says Karen. "My weight fluctuates, I have stretch marks and a loose tummy from two pregnancies. It hasn't been easy, but I'm getting there and I've learned to not punish myself if I have an off day. I am finally able to balance healthy eating and exercise, and I have found a lifestyle that works for me and doesn't put my health at risk."

Karen loves cardio training with #CentrExpert Michael Olajide Jr and has completed our 6-week program Centr 6 twice – in the process, dropping 27lbs (12kg) since June. And in Centr's global community, she found support from "some of the most badass people I have ever met".

Now she's paying it forward: "When you feel that you will never reach your goal, you can. When you feel that you're not good enough, you are better than just good."

Are you ready to find the balance of eating and exercise that works for YOU? Start your Centr journey with a 7-day free trial (link in bio).
1 day ago
Challenge your body to go full throttle.
Master epic moves worth showing off.
And prepare to get airborne.

Bobby Holland Hanton's brand new plyometric workouts are exploding onto Centr next week.

Join Centr now to light the fuse and train with Chris Hemsworth's stuntman (link in bio)
2 days ago
Body going through the motions, while your mind is somewhere else entirely?

Take a minute to reconnect with this meditation from Michael, and get back to firing on all cylinders.

For more meditations you can actually use, join us today to #LiveCentr (link in bio)
3 days ago
You don’t stand still… and neither should your routine!

Keep your body guessing with NEW workouts and even MORE variety coming to your weekly planner.

For the full lowdown on everything new coming to Centr, check out the blog in our stories!
4 days ago
What's quick, easy, tasty and the perfect ending to an epic workout?

Our Beef Udon Stir-fry – which could be on your plate in just 15 minutes. Yes, please!

Save this recipe to your favorites for those nights you need healthy dinner in a flash.

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5 days ago
Pancakes as part of a healthy meal plan? They are when you #EatCentr!

We're talking Peanut Butter & Banana, Red Velvet, Mango & Passionfruit, Chocolate & Raspberry, Dan Churchill's famous Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes and a whole lot more...

How do you crack, mix, flip and stack your pancakes?

Take a look at how Dan does it, then head to Centr to discover pancake flavor combos you'll flip for (link in bio).

#eatcentr #pancakes
6 days ago
Feeling a bit upside down, turned around, inside out or shaken up by the year so far? Get up, move, and find your groove with dynamic yoga expert Tahl Rinsky.

New flows coming soon #TrainCentr
7 days ago
For Centr member Tyler, the past 12 months have been about "consistency, hard work and better choices!" Oh, and a life-changing transformation.

"Exercise has become a lifestyle, up every morning while everyone sleeps, training hard, doing things I couldn’t do yesterday," Tyler says.

His routine is big on weights work with #CentrExpert Torre Washington, with a couple of HIIT days thrown in to keep him on his toes. By creating good habits around exercise and eating, he has lost more than 30kg (66lbs) in excess weight and stacked on lean muscle.

And Tyler has a message for you: "Make that change! If you can be consistent, that is the first and most important step on the journey."

Not sure how to kickstart the change you need? Let Centr's team of trainers, chefs and experts in mind and focus take the guesswork out of health and fitness. Get started today with a 7-day free trial (link in bio)
8 days ago
He cooks a mean mac & cheese, but selfies may be Dan's real specialty.

From the kitchen to the workout mat, share your selfies using #Centr
9 days ago
Pasta is that one dish that never fails to hit the spot. The question is, how will you be having yours?

Slide to get a taste of the quick and easy pasta dishes that await when you #EatCentr.

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10 days ago
When you've been sitting on your backside all day, there's only one thing for it...
Stand and deliver!

Centr Pilates expert Sylvia Roberts has a quick standing routine that will reinvigorate your total body. So get up, and get to it.

Join today to #TrainCentr with Sylvia (link in bio)
12 days ago
3 weeks down, 3 to go.
This is what making it to the halfway point of Centr 6: Phase II looks like.

Don't forget, true Legends are made in the second half, the home stretch, the last gasp.
Breathe deep. You've got this. #traincentr
13 days ago
Don't know anything about fitness? Neither did Ricardo. All he knew was: "I didn't like how I looked, because I knew I could be better. But it's easier to talk the talk than walk the walk."

Then seeing Erik Conover working out like Chris Hemsworth for 30 days using Centr lit a spark in Ricardo.

"I knew that I wanted to do the same. So I dowloaded Centr and started my challenge."

It wasn't always easy, but Ricardo has some advice to help you keep going: "Just remember why you started."

If you're ready to walk the walk, our team of health and fitness experts is here to show you the way. Join Centr today to start your journey with a 7-day free trial (link in bio).

14 days ago
Upper-body day. Leg day. Tastebud day.

Give your tastebuds a workout and discover what it's like to #EatCentr.

What Centr recipe will you be cooking up tonight?
15 days ago
Da Rulk's functional training is designed to get the most out of your mind and body. And make you sweat. A LOT.

Ready to give it a go?

Do 3 rounds, with 20 sec rest between exercises.

Running in place - 40 sec
Stationary gorilla - 40 sec
Forward to reverse crawl - 40 sec
3-step drop - 40 sec
Vertical jump - 40 sec
Switch - 40 sec

Can you say #IsurvivedDaRulk? Join Centr now to get moving with the toughest trainer on Chris Hemsworth's team (link in bio)
15 days ago
Luke Zocchi: trainer extraordinaire & Dan Churchill's personal hype man.

Tag your hype man below 👇 and let's get this party started #traincentr
16 days ago
Elevator out of order?
About to do some heavy lifting?
Having trouble getting down (and back up again)?
Dodging uneven sidewalks?

Functional training is the exercise you don't realise you need... until you do.

It's a favorite of founder Chris Hemsworth, and the specialty of #CentrExpert Da Rulk.

For more on how the power-packed moves of functional training can give your workouts and everyday life a serious boost, jump into our stories.
17 days ago
How does Dan Churchill pack so much goodness and flavor into one skillet when making his vegan-friendly Mushroom Quinoa Biriyani?

Swipe to get the recipe and find out.

For more recipes that deliver maximum taste and nutrition for minimum effort, join today and #EatCentr (link in bio)
18 days ago
Is your push-up more like a fall-flat? Ashley Joi has got you!

Ashley's Ultimate Push-up Strength Workout targets your chest, triceps, shoulders and core to get you push-up ready.

Rest 20 seconds between exercises & at the end of each round.
Do 4 rounds total.
- Chest press x 40 sec
- Skull crushers x 40 sec
- Dumbbell squat-hold + punches x 40 sec
- Tricep kickbacks x 40 sec
- Plank up-downs x 40 sec

Join today to #TrainCentr and reach your goals (link in bio)
19 days ago