Greta Thunberg
17 year old climate and environmental activist with Asperger’s #climatestrike #fridaysforfuture @fridaysforfuture

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”That we live in a post-truth society today, and that we don't care, that we have lost empathy. We have stopped caring for each other in a way. We have stopped thinking long-term and sustainable. And that's something that goes much deeper than just climate crisis deniers.”

”But I mean the climate crisis is not the only problem here. It is just a symptom of a larger crisis. Like the loss of biodiversity, acidification of the oceans, and loss of fertile soil, and so on. And these things will not just be solved by stopping our emissions of greenhouse gases. The earth is a very complex system. If you take one thing and put it out of balance then that will have an impact on things beyond our comprehension. And that goes for equality as well. Humans are part of nature, and if we are not doing well, then nature is not doing well, because we are nature.”
A few days ago I spoke to @natgeo National Geographic. Wet plate photo by @balkowitsch , taken on Standing Rock, North Dakota, USA.
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4 hours ago
This week the European Parliament voted for a new 7yr Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) that will be disastrous for climate, biodiversity and sustainable farming.
But it’s not over yet.

Sign the open letter demanding the
to #WithdrawTheCAP !
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4 days ago
The fight is not over yet. We need to keep pushing! We need to keep fighting for a living planet! We need to keep pushing for the EU to #WithdrawTheCAP !

@ursulavonderleyen @frans__timmermans @ep_president @eucouncil @europeanparliament @europeancommission #WithdrawTheCAP
Graphic: @saoioconnor
4 days ago
"The fight is not over yet. The fight is only over when the people say it’s over."

Here's our respons to the MEPs failure to #VoteThisCAPdown
@luisaneubauer @adelaidecha @anuna_de_wever @graine_de_possible and I call for the EU to #WithdrawTheCAP
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5 days ago
School strike week 114.
If you strike, remember to keep social distance and follow COVID-19 restrictions.
#climatestrike #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate #flattenthecurve #FaceTheClimateEmergency #VoteThisCAPdown
6 days ago
Dear MEPs, your vague distant climate targets will have no meaning if you fail to #VoteThisCAPdown today and keep supporting the commercial lobby interests.
This is your chance to turn empty words into action. The eyes of future generations are upon you. No more excuses.#FututreOfCAP
Watch and share this video widely! #VoteThisCAPdown
6 days ago
Perhaps the most overlooked industry when it comes to the climate and ecological crisis is forestry. In the coming decades we will undoubtedly be needing every possible carbon sink to sequester and store CO2, and yet a forest area the size of a football field is being cut down every second, according to Global Forest Watch. Planting trees in suitable soils and places is great - however very far from as easy as we seem to think. But even more efficient is to leave the natural habitats intact in the first place and to rewild and restore nature. But as long as a dead tree is more valuable to us than a living tree, as long as the destruction of nature is worth more than nature itself and as long as health, biodiversity, well-being, empathy, equality, sustainability and long term holistic thinking is not considered a priority - but rather seen as ”extreme views” - we won’t be able to solve the climate and ecological emergency.

Sweden is often considered progressive on climate and environment. Sweden is also one of the worlds biggest forest nations (though now there’s almost only tree plantations left.) One of Sweden’s main solutions to the climate crisis is switching to biofuels. However, in 2019, according to the newspaper Dagens Nyheter, we imported 95% of the raw material used for the popular so-called “renewable” HVO diesel, mainly from Indonesia. The marketing pitch is that we’re using leftovers from Swedish forestry - but the actual product is 42% slaughter waste, 36% PFAD (produced from palm oil “waste”) 14% pine tree oil and 8% palm oil. So not even we with so much forest per capita can be even close to self-sufficient when it comes to forestry products…
Yet, to meet our “climate targets” we plan to dramatically increase this “solution”. This is just one of the countless problems with today’s forestry.
While the main problem is that deforestation is driving the catastrophic loss of biodiversity and ecosystems, threatening our very existence in large areas of this planet.
Cartoon by @pxmolina
11 days ago
"12" is more than just a number.

I’ve been nominated by @joshua1013 to join this campaign. Post a picture of #SAVE12 & #SAVE12HKYOUTHS and tag 3 friends to spread the word.

I nominate @luisaneubauer , @nakabuyehildaflavia , and @jamie_s_margolin to join.

12 days ago
The movie I Am Greta will premiere today in cinemas across the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Next Friday also Italy and Mexico.

And just to be clear once again: I - nor anyone in connection to me - have or will not receive any payment for this. B-Reel Films will dedicate half of the film's revenues to my foundation and all of that will be donated to organizations and projects fighting for a sustainable world, defending nature and supporting people already facing the worst impacts of the climate- and ecological crisis.
12 days ago
School strike week 113.
If you strike, remember to keep social distance and follow COVID-19 restrictions.
#climatestrike #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate #flattenthecurve #FaceTheClimateEmergency
13 days ago
Today, on #InternationalDayoftheGirl let's celebrate the power of girls, and lift up their voices. But let's also acknowledge and tackle all the injustices and challenges girls around the world still face due to gender inequalities.
Then girls will change the world.
This is me at 8 years old.
17 days ago
I never engage in party politics. But the upcoming US elections is above and beyond all that.
It goes without saying that from a climate perspective Biden-Harris is very far from being even close to what’s needed, and many of you understandably had other preferred candidates. But, I mean… you know… damn!
Just get organized and get everyone you know out to vote! #BidenHarris2020
Ps. “Biden will not ban fracking. That’s a fact” says Kamala Harris. But the American people no doubt have the power to make him do it. And much more than that...
To register visit link in bio or follow @sunrisemvmt @thisiszerohour @onemillionofus for instance
19 days ago
19 days ago
School strike week 112.
If you strike, remember to keep social distance and follow COVID-19 restrictions.
#climatestrike #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate #flattenthecurve #FaceTheClimateEmergency
20 days ago
The thought of us giving up on the 1.5 or well below 2°C-targets of the Paris Agreement - without people even knowing what the full consequences of that would mean to future generations and to the most affected people and areas - is simply unacceptable.

The way the global aspect of equity and climate justice is being systematically and completely ignored in the European debate is shameful.
Yes, WE might be able to ”adapt”, for a while. We have the infrastructure and the resources.
But the global majority has not.

When the EU's climate policies and targets are being discussed, the aspect of equity doesn’t even seem to exist. Apparently it’s not even worth a mention. And yet, climate justice is the very heart of the Paris Agreement. And we have clearly signed up to lead the way. #mapa #climatejustice

(Picture of the sculpture by Isaac Cordal called “Follow the leaders” or “Politicians Discussing Global Warming” )
22 days ago
"The EU is cheating with numbers - and stealing our future"

Since no one else seemed to care, we had to do the research ourselves. Our future is after all at stake.
By @anuna_dewever , @adelaidecha , @luisaneubauer and me. Link in bio.
24 days ago
School strike week 111.
If you strike, remember to keep social distance and follow COVID-19 restrictions.
#climatestrike #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate #flattenthecurve #FaceTheClimateEmergency
27 days ago
Today was a huge success! Hundreds of thousands of us returned to the streets demanding climate action!
There were strikes in over 3200 places on all continents, including Antarctica! With masks and socially distant. Thank you everyone who showed up!
We will continue, the fight for a future doesn’t end here - this is just the beginning.
Pictures from today in order: Germany, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Japan, The Philippines, Researchers in Antarctica, Ukraine.
#climatestrike #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate #fightclimateinjustice #facetheclimateemergency
1 month ago
School strike week 110.
Today is our global day of climate action, and we strike in over 3100 places!
In Sweden gatherings over 50 people are not allowed due to COVID-19, so we adapt.
#climatestrike #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate #FaceTheClimateEmergency
1 month ago