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Est 1982 | London 🗓 Russell Young FAME online, click the link below to explore the virtual exhibition✨

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“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”— Muhammad Ali

Artwork: Muhammad Ali by Russell Young

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1 day ago
4 days ago
🙏✨Marking the one year anniversary

Exactly one year ago the art world gathered, as is tradition every two years since 1895, in Venice to celebrate the Biennale Arte, arguably the most important art event in the world. One of the most significant contributions to the 2019 Biennale was Lorenzo Quinn’s monumental sculpture Building Bridges. "Each pair of the sculpture’s hands celebrate one of six universal human values: Friendship, to build on the future together; Wisdom, to make mutually beneficial decisions; Help, to cement lasting relationships; Faith, to trust in your heart and self-worth; Hope, to persevere in worthwhile endeavours; and Love, the fundamental purpose for it all" - Lorenzo Quinn

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7 days ago
‘I believe that the key to the future is in the remnants of the past. That you have to master the idioms of your own time before you can have any identity in the present tense.’ Bob Dylan, Vanity Fair, 2016

Artwork pictured: Airline Diner by Bob Dylan

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9 days ago
As Dylan enters his 80th year, we reflect on the huge success of the recent Retrospectrum museum exhibition in Shanghai, one of the most visited exhibitions in China in 2019.

The exhibition will now travel to Today Art Museum, next month in Beijing and Tokyo at the end of 2020.

Book your Private Appointment to view artworks by Bob Dylan💥 Email hello @halcyongallery.com now or click the link in bio to book.

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10 days ago
Happy Birthday to Bob Dylan💙One of the most influential cultural figures of our time.

To celebrate his birthday over the next few days, we’ll be sharing a selection of Bob Dylan’s American landscape artworks. Stay tuned.

These paintings are up to the moment realism—archaic, most static, but quivering in appearance. They contradict the modern world.’ Bob Dylan, Vanity Fair, 2016

Artwork pictured here: Burger Joint on 12th by Bob Dylan

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13 days ago
✨Add a touch of glamour to your long-weekend by exploring our Russell Young FAME virtual exhibition, featuring his spectacular diamond dust artworks and new series of Text Paintings.

Tap the link in bio to view now.
Artwork pictured: Marilyn Crying by Russell Young

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14 days ago
‘Once I’ve done one screen, then the screen itself becomes an implement to put paint on a surface in the traditional making that goes back ten thousand years.’ - Russell Young

When he makes his backgrounds, Young explains, ‘some are really flat because I want that flatness against the image, and then others, you see the hand streaks ... you see on the places where there’s no diamond dust, the hand brushstroke.’ Some canvases are printed eight or nine times over a month, each layer enhancing the tactile quality of his work.

Young also experiments with diamond dust in many of his works, drawn to the texture and luminous finish. He initially used an original bag of Andy Warhol’s diamond dust, but later started making his own, bringing a meditative quality to his screen prints.

The material captures the light and forms an aura around the subject: a physical manifestation of the fragile yet enduring nature of fame. 🌟To learn more about screen-printing disover the ‘Process’ at fame.halcyongallery.com

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18 days ago
📸 A snapshot of Ojai Moon Valley, California, from Russell Young’s inspiration journal.

Brightly coloured hues & breathtaking Californian skies inspire Young to collect colour pigments from all over the world & create unique paints that he mixes in small batches. ‘I knew I loved these colours and I mixed the paints myself from pigments that I’ve gathered from all over the world. It was the colour rather than the subject matter that appealed to me first of all.’ - Russell Young, discussing his inspiration behind FAME.

Learn more about Young’s artwork & process by tapping the link in bio.

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22 days ago
Marilyn, 1967 by Andy Warhol💥 This week we will be launching our first ever online-only showcase of Warhol works

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26 days ago
Stay tuned💥 Next week we will be launching our first ever online-only showcase of Andy Warhol works

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Artwork: Superman, 1981 by Warhol

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29 days ago
Coming soon💥 Andy Warhol online showcase!

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Artwork: Queen Elizabeth II, 1985 by Warhol

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1 month ago
Happy Friday✨🌴 ‘Palm Tree’ by Pedro Paricio

Tap the link in bio to enquire about artwork by Paricio

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1 month ago
🌟Discover the virtual exhibition online now | FAME by Russell Young

Tap the link in bio to enter the exhibition

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1 month ago
🌴Detail from ‘Family Units’ by Bob Dylan

Tap the link in bio to make a purchase enquiry

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1 month ago
🍃Calm Before the Storm by Ernesto Canovas

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1 month ago
✨🪐 ‘The human species has taken thousands of years to ponder two questions: who are we? And where do we come from? When we are looking at ourselves in a mirror, we are trying to find answers to the first of these questions. When we look up at the sky, we are reflection on the second.’ - Pedro Paricio

Pictured is an installation of ‘Galaxies’ by Pedro Paricio from our Dreams exhibition, 2016.

#halcyongallery #flashbackfriday #galaxies #pedroparicio #positivevibes
1 month ago
✨We are all in this together, and we’re all on this planet together 🙌 🌎
#EarthDay2020 @EarthDayNetwork

No matter where you are in this world, we are connected by our challenges and a fierce and urgent determination to overcome them.

Artwork: ‘Stairs of Life’ by @lorenzoquinnartist

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1 month ago
‘Beauty’ by Pedro Paricio🌷

The work, as the title suggests, is of beauty - an allegory of the strength in human spirit as much as the love we share for the ones we cherish.

Tap the link bio to enquire about this artwork

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1 month ago
Embracing Spring🌷Rose on a Hillside by Bob Dylan, 2018

Tap the link in our bio to enquire about this artwork

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1 month ago