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Photos by @ciriljazbec | I have decided to document our family life during the COVID-19 crisis. Here my wife, Ajda, reads the news on at breakfast, and later tries to do some work in our studio. We have a 3.5-year-old son, Izak, and an 11-month-old daughter, Mina. Since the government closed down schools and kindergartens, we are fully occupied. It is a challenge since our son is an active toddler who wants to play all day long, and Mina is teething. This crisis is also good for us: We have never been closer or more connected. I am starting to do woodworking with my son, we are discovering new walks in the forest adjacent to our house, and Ajda is baking sourdough bread. #covi̇d19 #stayhome Follow @ciriljazbec to see more.
47 minutes ago
Photos by Pete McBride @pedromcbride | The front lines of food: While many can afford to stay at home, those producing our food cannot. They are busier and more essential than ever. Over the last decade I've spent time with the hard workers who grow, pick, package, and ship the produce—filling much of America’s salad bowl—along the banks of the Colorado River in Arizona and California. They work long hours for low wages and still feed many of us. Wishing these hard workers, and all those on the front lines, health and safety. To see more on food, land, and water, follow @pedromcbride. #gratitude #essentialworkers #farming #frontlines #covid19
3 hours ago
Photo by @williamodaniels | A patient affected by COVID-19 is transferred from a hospital in Mulhouse, in eastern France, to Germany. France's far east is considered the country's epicenter of the epidemic; nearly a third of France's COVID-19 deaths have occurred here. It all started with a five-day gathering at an evangelical megachurch called Christian Open Door in mid-February. About 2,000 people gathered for singing, prayer, and talks. According to the French government, this event is one of the sparks for the spread in France. Follow me on @williamodaniels for more coverage in France.

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4 hours ago
Photos by Robin Hammond @hammond_robin | Safia Wumbi, 69, was suffering from migraines when she was accused of being a witch and driven out of her home. She found refuge in an alleged “witch village” in Kukuo in northern Ghana. Many of the women here are accused of being witches because they have mental health conditions, while others developed illnesses after being ostracized by their community. Abiba Mahama (second image) was accused of being a witch after someone in her village saw her in a dream poisoning another person. She has been in Kukuo for 13 years. Pictured in the third image, Mariama Yakubu, 63, says she was accused of being a witch because she became very bad-tempered. “I don’t know why [I became bad-tempered]; I tried not to argue with my relatives,” Yakubu says. She took herbal medication for her mood swings, but nothing worked. In My World was created to combat the stigma and neglect of mental health around the world. See these stories and those of others sharing their experience of mental health at @onedayinmyworld.
5 hours ago
Photos by @luisadorr | Gabi: my friend, neighbor, tai chi teacher. For a while she has been living in this house, with no electricity or running water, completely isolated. So now under quarantine, there's no need for a new routine. But like everyone else, she is not able to go to work. As many people are doing, she'll start online classes as a way to keep in touch with students and keep busy. The good thing is that life here in Costa do Cacao, part of Brazil's Bahia region, is pretty frugal—basic things are less expensive than in cities, and community engagement is strong. That will help people survive with a bit more of dignity during this time.

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8 hours ago
Photo Trevor Frost @tbfrost | Many of you who follow this account might remember Keanu, an ocelot that was taken from the wild by illegal loggers on Peru’s Las Piedras River. In the last photo I shared, Keanu was only three months old and was spending time each day with Harry Turner and Samantha Zwicker of the nonprofit @hojanueva, who were teaching Keanu how to be a wild cat again. In this photo Keanu is a year and a half old and living almost entirely on his own, save for occasional visits from people who check in on him to monitor his health. To see some amazing video of Keanu, head over to @tbfrost.
10 hours ago
Photo by Matthieu Paley @paleyphoto | The bonds of friendship and family are known to boost happiness levels and longevity. In these strange times of confinement, you might be getting too much of it, or not enough ... After a gathering with extended family, 99-year-old Apolonio Torres and his wife, 90-year-old Maria, retreat to their bedroom. I did not expect the kiss. They have been married for 72 years. This image was shot in 2017 in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica, as part of a National Geographic magazine story on happiness. For more images from this story, visit @paleyphoto. #happiness #familybond #elderlylove #bluezone

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13 hours ago
Photo by @dina_litovsky | A street scene in downtown Havana, Cuba. This was taken on my first visit to the city a few years ago. Though I seduced by all the vibrant colors of the city, this image of the stark white wall with the Cuban flag remains my favorite. For more images, follow me @dina_litovsky.
14 hours ago
Photo by Keith Ladzinski @ladzinski | A vibrant winter sunset over the pinnacles and sea stacks of Gorda, California. These waters are home to one of the most productive marine ecosystems on the planet, all driven by a turbine effect of oceanic currents and winds that circulate and push cold water full of nutrients from the icy depths up to the surface. This effect is called upwelling, and fosters kelp and seaweed growth, nurseries for phytoplankton. From large marine mammals like whales to birds and fish, phytoplankton is a primary food source. When you break down an ecosystem, it’s a fascinating amalgam of intricacies and nuances, all delicately assembled. To see more photos from this beautiful part of the world, please visit @ladzinski.
15 hours ago
Photo by Juan Arredondo @juanarre | Riders wait at the 82 Street-Jackson Heights subway station in Queens. The New York City region is now an epicenter of the coronavirus crisis in the U.S. For more coverage of the COVID-19 crisis in NYC follow me @juanarre. #COVID19 #NYC
17 hours ago
Photo by @ismailferdous | A New Yorker is on his way to a bodega in Manhattan. On Sunday New York State reported 594 new deaths from COVID-19; it was 630 the day before. Governor Andrew Cuomo warned people that it could be a “blip.” #quarantine #newyork #covid19 #coronavirus #flattenthecurve
18 hours ago
Photo by @tasneemalsultan | Um Ahmed throws dates at her cousins, who were chastising her for being photographed, while searching for dried leaves to make into handwoven baskets. #saudiarabia
20 hours ago
Photo by @nicholesobecki | Members of the Nairobi County fire brigade and the Sonko Rescue Team fumigate key public and trading areas in Nairobi’s Central Business District to curb the spread of COVID-19. I’d just received my press credentials that allow me to continue reporting outside the new 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew. It was eerie to see this city I’ve called home for the past eight years deserted, aside from the fumigation teams. Follow me on @nicholesobecki for more coverage of the crisis in Kenya.

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21 hours ago
Photo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen | Fatimah, a two-year-old Syrian refugee, holds on to her mother, Khadija, as they face the wind in a tented settlement in Jordan. For more photos and videos of the refugee crisis, follow me @mmuheisen @mmuheisenpublic. For more on how to get involved, follow @everydayrefugees #muhammedmuheisen #everydayrefugees
22 hours ago
Photo by Aaron Huey @argonautphoto | "I’m still processing my experience, and it looks like it may be getting worse for birthing moms in some hospitals. Breaks my heart," says Suzanne, photographed with her 10-day-old baby Phoebe through the FaceTime app during quarantine in Seattle. Suzanne's family became very sick two weeks ago, as she neared her due date, with symptoms that appeared to be COVID-19. This was before the complete lockdown in Seattle and its businesses, and before public testing was available. With new protocols starting to be put in place across the country, she feared her newborn might be taken from her to quarantine separately, and that she might be denied a doula. Ultimately her doula selflessly agreed to take on the risk, but Suzanne's family and husband were unable to attend. Stay tuned for more from this story! My assistant in this image was Suzanne's son Graham, age 9, who held his mother's phone as I activated the shutter in her camera from a control in mine. This is part of a project to photograph people all over the world with unique stories to share as they experience the pandemic. If you or a family member in your home have the virus and are interested in sharing your story, please message me at @argonautphoto, I would love to hear about your experience and possibly include you in this project.
1 day ago
Photo by @gabrielegalimbertiphoto | For the first two weeks of Italy's coronavirus crisis, I continued working by photographing and interviewing (together with my friend Gea Scancarello) people locked in their homes in Milan, in compliance with the quarantine imposed by the government. I left lights outside their windows, disinfecting them first. The subjects brought them in, and from outside I directed how to position them. To take these photos, we've complied with all the necessary safeguards.
Greta Tanini, 30, and Cristoforo Lippi, 27. For many the quarantine is about boredom and obligation, but Greta and Cristoforo use it as an opportunity to spend time together, exploring their relationship after having been separated by an ocean for over a year. They are both students, and normally live separately, with flatmates. But the lockdown found them together in Greta’s house, the two alone.
“Actually, we have a lot to do: I take classes online all day; Cristoforo is working on his final project. We’re busy, time passes quickly,” explains Greta. The quarantine is also a test for moving in together, a step they've been desiring for a while. They have divided up their domestic tasks: shopping, cleaning, tidying up.
Their social interaction is limited to chatting with neighbors at a safe distance, in the garden. They take precautionary measures very seriously: “We don’t want to get sick, and we don’t want our loved ones to get sick. We prefer to remain in isolation rather than taking risks or endangering the health of others”. #coronavirus #virus #covid19 #milano #italy #pandemic

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1 day ago
Photos by Pete McBride @pedromcbride | Chasing the Wind | In these unusual times, I’ve inadvertently separated myself to the southern Antarctic seas working on an expedition for @natgeoexpeditions. When so much is happening around the world and in the news, it feels odd to be isolated at sea.
I'm in good company, and these black-browed albatross parents know that feeling well. After their chicks grow in their adult plumage, they will spend up to 10 years at sea. These remarkable fliers can travel up to 10,000 miles, have wingspans up to 7.5 feet, and are known to die of old age in these regions. In the Pacific many albatross sadly perish from eating plastic, which they confuse for squid, so it was nice to witness such a healthy population here. I’ll post more from the journey when possible; follow along @pedromcbride. #health #nature #albatross #flight #sonyalpha
1 day ago
Photos by @ciriljazbec | Hats off to all those working right now in this crisis, like this Wolt courier delivering food in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I had taken a stroll downtown, and I was shocked by the empty streets and unsettling atmosphere, unlike anything I've ever experienced. Follow @ciriljazbec to see more.
1 day ago
Photo by Karla Gachet @kchete77 | Portrait of David Peranchiguay at his home in Teuquelin, part of the Chiloe Islands off the coast of southern Chile. The only inhabitants of Teuquelin are the Peranchiguay family, whose descendants arrived 200 years ago. Now only a few elderly people, women, and children live there. The men and youth have mostly left in search of work. Those who stay behind make a living by harvesting luga, an algae used in the production of shampoo and diapers. #Chile #personalproject #Tothetip #Teuquelin #islandlife
1 day ago
Photo by @paulnicklen | I didn't realize I was holding my breath until after I took this photo of a wild coastal wolf in British Columbia. Standing just ten feet in front of me, I was transfixed as this magnificent animal moved with the grace of a ghost through the trees. Walking in the #GreatBearRainforest is like stepping through a veil into another world, where the laws of nature still reign supreme, and you are just a lonely wanderer in the midst of gold-eyed nobility, like this sea wolf. Follow me @PaulNicklen for more stories about the quiet encounters I've had the luck of documenting with some of nature's most impressive animals and learn why I founded @SeaLegacy to help protect them. #ExtinctionEndsHere #SeaWolf #Conservation #Gratitude #Beauty
1 day ago