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Photo by Cristina Mittermeier @Mitty | Carefully assessing the water to make sure no leopard seals were present, these Adélie penguins stand close together on a frozen ledge in Antarctica. Chilled to the bone, I waded in knee-deep water and patiently waited for the first penguin to drop in. Finally, one did! Whether they jumped of their own volition or were pushed I cannot say, but the others followed like dominoes. Adélie penguins are not the largest of their species, but they pack a ton of charisma into their little bodies.
The future of Antarctica, and the animals that depend on the ice there, is threatened every day by the climate crisis. Yet even with the threats of increased temperatures looming, only one marine protected area has been adopted here. Follow me @Mitty to learn how you can support the adoption of new marine protected areas with my team @SeaLegacy and help safeguard animals like these Adélie penguins. #CCAMLR #ExtinctionEndsHere #StopClimateChange #Antarctica
3 hours ago
Photo by Matt Borowick @mborowick | One of the most iconic sights on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia, has to be Tanah Lot. It is home to a Hindu temple only accessible by foot during low tide. Surrounded by ocean water on all sides, it makes for an incredible scene during high tide.
Follow @mborowick for more images like this. #bali #indonesia #temple #nature #explore
7 hours ago
Photo by Kahli Hindmarsh @kahliaprilphoto | A calm night in Banff, Canada, turns the lake into a giant mirror, reflecting the aurora-filled sky above.
11 hours ago
Photo by Robbie Shone @shonephoto | Two imposing beech trees fill the frame within this snowy scene of Innsbrucker Hofgarten park in Austria.
15 hours ago
Photo by @taylorglenn | A tourist captures the moment in Sossusvlei, Namibia. I remember seeing photos of this place and knowing that one day I had to go there, and it was even more amazing than any photograph could ever convey. In a way I think that sums up the allure of travel and creating images. There is nothing like seeing and experiencing people, places, and things on your own.
Follow me @taylorglenn for more travel inspiration from around the globe. #namibia #sossusvlei
19 hours ago
Photo by @michaelclarkphoto | A thermal pool in Biscuit Basin in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, adds color to a snowy day. Skiing in the center of Yellowstone in winter is an experience you won't forget. I was skiing with a friend on this day, but we were not right next to each other, so it felt like we were out in the park on our own. I kept a watchful eye out for bison and wolves, not really wanting to run into either of those. #yellowstone #wyoming #biscuitbasin
23 hours ago
Photo by @steven_gnam | The fragrant scent of cherry blossoms hangs in the still air during an early morning in Seattle, Washington. #cherry #blossoms #Seattle
1 day ago
Photo by @dina_litovsky | A woman walks her dog on a narrow street in El Born, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Barcelona, Spain. For more images, follow me @dina_litovsky.
1 day ago
Photo by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto | Winter wonderland: Layers of larch, birch, and pine make for a classic Hokkaido landscape. #Niseko #snowscape #Hokkaido #Japan
1 day ago
Photo by Matt Borowick @mborowick | Mount Batur, one of the many active volcanoes in Indonesia, is located on the small but beautiful island of Bali. This area has incredible hiking and water activities, and there are many small villages surrounding Lake Batur at the base of the volcano.
Follow @mborowick for more images like this. #bali #indonesia #volcano #nature #explore
1 day ago
Photo by Kahli Hindmarsh @kahliaprilphoto | A hiker takes in summit views at sunset in New Zealand. There's no better place to watch the light of day fade.
1 day ago
Photo by @bertiegregory | A female harp seal hangs in an icy alleyway under her breathing hole in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada. Above the surface on this piece of ice floe she has a tiny, five-day-old pup. Each day the ice changes dramatically as tides and ocean currents break up and re-form the packing. Even so, this female is able to navigate with unbelievable precision to find her breathing hole and her pup.
Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures. #seal #arctic #cold #snow #ice
1 day ago
Photo by @chrisburkard | To say we got lucky with the weather on the Kuril Islands would be an understatement. The climate typically consists of long, cold, and stormy winters and short summers with copious amounts of thick fog. But this experience quickly began to feel like a fairy tale. The sun set behind the islands and the light shifted, changing the landscape and bringing out the true beauty of this place. This view, looking into the caldera of Ushishir, was by far my favorite.
2 days ago
Photo by @joshuacogan | Branches of cherry blossoms are photographed at night as fallen petals float in the Tidal Basin of Washington, D.C. This year, because of COVID-19, people were asked to stay away from the iconic blooming trees for public safety. I am sharing this image from another year so that people may still enjoy them.
To follow more explorations of culture, ecology, and the human landscape follow @joshuacogan. #cherryblossoms #spring #Covid19
2 days ago
Photo by @jimmychin | The shifting clouds coming off the Patagonian Ice Cap provide a dramatic reveal of the Torre group. To go or not to go. To commit or not to commit. These are existential questions of life and climbing in the mountains.
For more images of alpine adventures around the world, follow @jimmychin.
2 days ago
Photo by @DaisyGilardini | Gentoo penguins inhabit the Antarctic Peninsula in great numbers. Even though penguins belong to the bird family, they can’t fly. But they’re fast and elegant in the water, and they use their flippers as wings to seemingly fly when underwater. Outside the water, though, they’re clumsy and cumbersome.
I captured this image using an underwater case for my DSLR camera. By holding the camera over the side of the Zodiac boat, hanging halfway in the water, I was lucky enough to capture both worlds.
Follow me @daisygilardini for more images and behind-the-scenes stories. #gentoopenguins #underwaterphotography #climatechange #conservation #antarctica
2 days ago
Photo by @michaelclarkphoto | The sun shines above the Painted Wall, as seen from the Cedar Point overlook on the south rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison near Montrose, Colorado. The canyon is one of the most rugged national parks in the United States—and one of the least visited. Just getting down to the river is an epic feat. Nevertheless, it is a spectacular canyon with dozens of viewpoints. #blackcanyon #colorado
2 days ago
Photo by @steven_gnam | A hiker enters a cool chamber, respite from the midday heat in Utah’s red rock country. #Utah #redrock
2 days ago
Photos by @ciriljazbec | During Ravenski Pust in Slovenia, young unmarried men dressed as monsters called “Ugly Ones” dust boys with ash. I worked on this incredible story for National Geographic about the unique and fascinating Shrovetide festivals. Follow @ciriljazbec to see more images and read the story.
2 days ago
Photo by @sarahyltonphoto | I took this during an early morning walk in the Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu, India. The region, with a hospitable altitude and climate, produces some of the best teas I've had the pleasure of consuming.
For more stories follow me @sarahyltonphoto. #India #NilgiriHills #tea #travel
3 days ago