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We are our country’s traditions. We are our country’s pride. Stronger together, we move forward 🦅 @thenffofficial

Check out the new Nike Nigeria National Team Jerseys, available today for early access Nike Members in our link in bio 🔗. The complete all-new Naija collection, which includes a poncho, button-down shirt, and pre-match top, will be available on 10.01 👀🇳🇬

#Nikefootball #Naija
1 day ago
Inspired by a city and club that approach each day with renewed belief. This is the mindset that keeps @AnsuFati setting record after record.
⠀ ⠀
@fcbarcelona Daybreak Capsule Collection, available in select countries, early access for Nike Members begins today.
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#nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer #fcbarcelona
6 days ago
We asked, you delivered 🤝

From your creativity and imagination, to your tekkers and top bins - thank you to all the footballers who tagged us.

Play beautiful, play free #playwithskill

#nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer
11 days ago
What is FlyEase? It’s quick and easy access for all. It’s football for all. It’s Phantom GT Academy FlyEase.

With a fold-down heel and wraparound strap, get in and get going on the pitch so you can #playwithskill

Hit our link in bio to get yours!
15 days ago

“They're not just playing football together, they're trying to build more common ground.”

That’s the mission of Abdulmalik Abdurahman, the founder of @fitzroylionssc, a youth football club in Melbourne, Australia. The club and its players have become a unifying force for their community.

With a shared goal to provide access to sport for girls and boys, Nike has partnered with the Lions since the start of their 2018 season to provide support through funding, training and game day kit and boots.

Filmed in December 2019 in Melbourne, Australia, watch Episode 2 of our series, “From the Grounds Up,” about football’s local heroes, on IGTV.

#nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer
16 days ago

“No matter what age you are, no matter what job you do, no matter where you come from, football is a way of bringing people together.” @azeem_amir99 - Midfielder, England Blind Team 

Watch to discover what inspires England’s fearless generation with @bobbykasanga20
, @ceylonandi, @badcal, @jawahir_roble, @luna.etienne10, @m9.privv, @romyromyromy, @johnsonthompson, and @mmayaros.e .

#YouCantStopUs #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer
22 days ago

“To me, the Netherlands jersey stands for dedication, togetherness and respect.” @fien.wolde - KNVB WorldCoaches

Watch to discover what inspires Netherlands’ new generation with @virgilvandijk, @brianbrobbeyy, @ashweerden, @jackie_groenen_14, @xoxoxlunaxoxox, @jadensoesanna, @mosiklusman, @keeskoenders, @mcloopeylailalee, and @sumibu1104.

#YouCantStopUs #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer
23 days ago

“We have become a more confident nation and that makes all the difference.” @cristiano - Portugal National Team Captain

Watch to discover what inspires Portugal’s new generation with @jessiicasilva10, @king__backsa, @puma_emerson, @_valdecyoliveira_, @__.tatianaa.___, @goncalosoos, and @oujeez.

#YouCantStopUs #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer
25 days ago

“The entire country was behind us, there were no more differences, no more origins or backgrounds. Everyone was under the rooster.” @k.mbappe - France National Team Forward

Watch to discover what inspires France’s new generation with @lynamalandro, @nam_namour225, @linoush____, and @triples_off.

#YouCantStopUs #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer
26 days ago
We are more than the colors we wear. We are more than the crests on our chest. Together we are the future of football. #YouCantStopUs

Check out the new Nike Football National Team Jerseys, early access for Nike Members starts today in select countries. Full collection available on September 4.

#nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer
28 days ago
Street Football x Barcelona - @footballxbcn

This movement began when project creator Gabriel landed in Barcelona and started organizing weekly small sided games, open and accessible to anyone wanting to play football. Since then, ballers from all over town have joined in and the family has kept growing.

The community connects people through the ball and has served as a social integration platform for many. It is football in its simplest form, about coming together and celebrating the beautiful game.

#nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #futsal #football #soccer #nikefutsal
1 month ago
From SE11 to the world.

@Sanchooo10 unveils his first Nike collection. Inspired by the cages & streets of Kennington which made Jadon the player & person he is today.

Available in select countries, early access for Nike Members begins today.

#nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer
1 month ago
From the pitch to the streets and everywhere in-between, play on with the Phantom GT. Show us how you #playwithskill 🎥

#nikefootball #nikesoccer #football #soccer
1 month ago
We’re ready for the ⚽️ season, are you?

Visit our site to get your hands on the all-new Phantom GT (and more 🙃) today.

#playwithskill #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer
1 month ago
Taking Scouse style out of the city, the Liverpool FC away kit has landed.

Symbolic of the city and the club, the design has an all over torn collage that repeats acanthus leaves from the iconic Shankly gates outside Anfield stadium. 🍃🌪️

Hit the link in bio to get yours. First access to Nike Members. 🔗👀 #tellusnever #upthereds
1 month ago
Play with beauty. Play with skill. Play with Phantom GT.

The Phantom GT boot is the tool to fully unleash your creative instincts. Hit our 🔗 in bio to #playwithskill.

#nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer
1 month ago

@liverpoolfc, a club that doesn’t feed off doubt but revels in it. A place where miracles come for their big night out. When they hear ‘never’, it’s already done. #TellUsNever

Join us and head to to access the club like never before. You don’t want to miss this.

#liverpoolfc #ynwa #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer
1 month ago

Countless lab hours, athlete insights, and prototypes all add up to our most data-driven boot ever. 🔬🥼

“We really wanted to capture the perfect balance of innovation and soul.”—Jeongwoo Lee, Nike Football Senior Creative Director

Learn about the science behind the all-new Phantom GT:

#playwithskill #nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer
1 month ago
Say hello to the all-new Phantom GT 👋
A boot built for the most skillful players that paint the pitch like fine art.

Tap to shop or hit our 🔗 in bio for more on how you can grab your tools and #playwithskill.

#nikefootball #nikesoccer #nike #football #soccer
1 month ago
Nothing can stop what we can do together. #YouCantStopUs
2 months ago