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Director, Relief Operations @wckitchen

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Many thanks to Pharrell, an absolute legend of the #757 and the world, who has been instrumental in getting meals to those in need during the pandemic as well as to busy polling places from VA to FL. From being a fan since the 90s to a partner this year across multiple efforts, Happy probably doesn’t begin to describe the moment. Y’all know it was hard for me not to go on and on about 23 years of music from Neptunes to NERD to CLIPSE to a million other collaborations.

At least I waited til I was back home to throw the Superthug beat on (no I didn’t.)
57 minutes ago
“Let’s cook.” - Walter White

Thank you Bryan Cranston for the support & telling us where to get the good mezcal in NOLA.
14 days ago
Heard something funny
28 days ago
Spent the better part of last night and this AM doom scrolling* on the timelines with the rest of the sane world, understandably so. Probably make a weekend of it. Also thought a lot about these kids who followed me around a trailer park for an hour just wanting to show off their puppies - Choto the chihuahua mix, I forget the other - oblivious to what the hell is going on around them, just pure unadulterated pride and joy. They’re going to find out the hard way soon that it’s not all sweet if we don’t get into these booths and stay on these streets and doorsteps.

*think I took this term from Lyz Lenz
1 month ago
I brought the fried rice & my guy River brought the mai tai, F this fire stuff we going to Hawaii baby!
1 month ago
Most people have forgotten already or never really knew about the “derecho,” or inland Cat 2 hurricane strength storm that decimated a swathe of Iowa from urban centers to cornfields last month. It’s forgivable considering the lack of national attention and the fact any current press on Iowa, duly earned, is on the inept leadership from the state government that has led COVID infection rates to metastasize into the highest per capita in the nation right now. Entrenched in the middle of all of this Cedar Rapids storm chaos I was lucky to meet a burning bright star in Lemi Tilahun of Refugees RISE. He schooled me quickly to the fact that so many resettled refugees from varying countries in Africa and beyond were those who’d had their homes peeled open like tin cans and were in dire need of basically everything. It was incredible to watch his team work 24/7 with local community leaders to keep families sheltered together safely and out of the rubble and in turn we were honored to provide food that was healthy, tasty, and most importantly matched the palates and religious requirements of the populations he serves. As someone who barely knows what day it is this year, I was most blown away that there wasn’t one kid across multiple large apartment complexes that didn’t know his name and vice versa who didn’t run to him with a smile. Just a truly amazing guy.
1 month ago
“Hard Case: a tough, intractable hard to deal with person.” These two self described “hard cases” who refused to evacuate came running out of the cut below the fire line as we headed back to Santa Cruz. I’m not saying it’s a smart choice but the official word is that many of these small towns and volunteer firefighters are on their own to protect their home and what may be the last piece of comfort and sanity they have in the age of COVID 19. I sure as shit am not going to judge anyone today that’s not actively gutting our government from the inside out. In their choice they seemed free to me, they said thanks for the sandwiches and fresh fruit and disappeared into the haze just like they appeared. Haven’t seen them since and I hope they left but their homes are still standing just like most of the hard cases I know.
2 months ago
I know it’s her 70th birthday but mom didn’t have to stunt on me so hard with the “deadlift day” text & cry-laugh emojis at the same time I was getting a consult for clumsily falling and dislocating a shoulder smh. Clearly the athleticism skipped me. Happy birthday mom, thanks for wearing a mask, volunteering your time so much, being a wonderful friend & mother to me, & also supporting me whether I’m being good or stupid, especially the latter. Love you!
3 months ago
Heart breaks for a real one. Jaime was one of the kindest, smartest, giving, spiritual and fun people I ever had the pleasure of crossing paths with and I was lucky enough to do that many times from Guatemala to DC the last decade. I thank @mindymoretti & @bryanweaverdc, whose testimonial rings truer than anything I could muster myself: “ Mayan kid, who was hanging out on the streets, went to weekend & night school - was accepted to the University of San Carlos - and graduated last summer with a law degree.

Everyone gave up on Jaime, but Jaime never gave up on himself.

That is the heart of Hoops Sagrado. It's hard to explain our culture to people on the outside - its not about giving away basketballs and shoes to young people in need.

We are called to bridge the distance that exists between us as people - Una Gente, Una Lucha (One People, One Struggle)

Hoops Sagrado's core is about where we stand. We stand with the least likely to succeed until success is succeeded by something more valuable: compañerismo or fellowship.

We stand with the angry, the belligerent, the wannabe gangster, the badly behaved until that anger is recognized for the language it is - the dialect of the deeply wounded and of those whose burdens are more than they can bear.”
3 months ago
Even my beloved Charlottesville is hurting for simple PPE like surgical masks & beyond. Just a drop in the bucket but I was able to meet Oncology nurse Sherry in Culpeper halfway from DC to give them a few from our stock supplying our teams feeding the frontline workers. No price gouging here, but they did give me two dozen everything @bodosbagels which have been feeding the team in DC for 3 days. Real Cville heads know how precious this is. Please visit Equip Cville & support their efforts, or efforts to keep your frontline workers safe wherever you are.
7 months ago
I appreciate how this headline celebrates the work of the team but when @bryanweaverdc substituted it with calling me a tattooed DC low-life, I felt that. I have to thank him for bringing me into @hoopssagrado which instilled a love for Guatemala, Central and South America and Latin America travel in general, and was a seed planted nearly a decade ago which in no small way put me where I am now. Without his program, & @mindymoretti, I would not have joined the @wckitchen response for months in Guatemala. Same seed was nurtured by @theyoufinder & her amazing crew, working hard daily to dispel myths & bring to light the amazing culture so close to us in our own hemisphere. Helping @elcaminotravel organize a longer service PR trip for Maria relief was a kick in the ass I didn’t know I needed to realize I could pursue something new. I have received and still need a lot of kicks since then!
12 months ago
Thanks to David Copperfield, Cathy & friends for contributing to another amazing day serving 30000 meals across 3 kitchens and 11 islands with 3 SUVs, 1 crown vic, a dump truck, a scooter, 4 helicopters, 2 seaplanes, 4 cars and 1 truck with 0 windshield here at #chefsforbahamas. We work everyday to serve the people here that they have made part of their community for decades and will continue to do so.
13 months ago
Another very happy birthday to my mom who, among other things I’ll never do like running a marathon or biking hundreds of miles on occasion, once shared a radio promo page as a “Platter Princess” with Aretha Franklin at the top of the charts in the 60s
15 months ago
19 months ago
“If you’re not likin’ you’re lurkin’” - ancient IG proverb 🀳🏼 #ChefsForNebraska πŸ“Έ: @bellavistagritty
19 months ago
Pretty interesting 36 hours in DC. Got to congratulate our World Central Kitchen DC team on serving 102k!!! meals to furloughed federal workers in under 2 weeks & give a big ol hug to Nancy Pelosi who visited #ChefsForFeds to serve for the second time. Would love to stay and work with some of their amazing volunteers like Kim and Wolfi here but it’s too cold and I have to get back to my Tijuana team who passed the 180k meal mark today themselves!! We continue serving asylum seekers across the border. Also did I mention it’s cold here? #chefsforfeds #chefsforthepeople
21 months ago
Every Sunday, Pasto Guillermo Navarrate leads a church service and communion for migrants and families on the Mexico side of the border fence at Friendship Park while a concurrent service happens on the other side. People in both countries approach the fences and lay their hands on it during prayer while pastors from other parts of Mexico and the world will speak, with some music accompaniment. Lucia and her mom, Lucia, served some apples from World Central Kitchen a long with their juice and pasta to the congregants. It’s a powerful moment where separated families, friends, and their supporters can convene in solidarity by the ocean.
21 months ago
Witnessed some of the worst behavior I’ve ever seen in a coffee shop this AM, & his dog @thewriggs_312 was pretty bad too. Even so, extreme gratitude to @marissarochellekepner & @kep323 for delivering new @wckitchen t shirts to take back across the border πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
22 months ago
“Control the fire...” Got to lead a team from @emersoncollective on the paella pans today with some of my best friends on the infield of ATT Park where the Giants play. They crushed it and @gocopia fed it all to local shelters. Yea we burned some of the rice crispy but that’s some of the best part #ifyouknowyouknow
23 months ago
Pretty awesome to have governor Schwarzenegger out here surveying the @wckitchen ops &... ahem... pumping up our volunteers. He even grabbed a rack of sandwiches to hand out. Also he can pronounce Paradise unlike some people. True legend showing up for the people.
23 months ago