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Talking to the sister but also jacked ❤️ 🙏
2 days ago
The Proper Twelve Push-up challenge!! #repost @properwhiskey
Stay at home & stay in shape! Keep your #Proper12Challenge pushup videos coming- first 12 winners will be announced tomorrow with another 12 coming soon! Make sure you tag @properwhiskey & #Proper12Challenge! #OneForAll
3 days ago
Everybody loves ❤️👑 A winner @augustmcgregor
@reebok Zig Kinetica
5 days ago
I know many of you are at home right now, and are looking for ways to keep your mind sharp and your body healthy. I challenge you all to the Proper 12 Push Up Challenge. Post your creative videos on stories and tag your friends to join you. Tag @properwhiskey and #Proper12Challenge for a chance to be featured on our stories. The 12 most creative videos (based on your votes) will get a $100 gift card for Proper swag on our website (where we are able to ship). #OneForAll
5 days ago
If you see yourself as the King, with all the belts, all everything. If you see that, and really believe in it, then no matter what anyone else says, that’s what’s going to happen. Who can tell you otherwise? Who can tell you what you see through your own eyes? Nobody that’s who. Nobody but YOU!
I said this long before my ufc debut fight in an old MTV documentary I done. Early, early days. How wild!
Be who you know you are my champion son!
Whatever you desire, through hard work, commitment, kindness, and love ❤️ @conormcgregorjr
6 days ago
‪Guys I know we don’t want to hear it. But for now it’s masks, gloves, shades, and if you like, an @augustmcgregor ChampChamp hat, anytime you venture outside.‬
‪The eyes and the face this thing leaps towards.
‪Keep it out if you don’t have it. In if you do.‬
‪I’m shooting this thing out of the sky, and in the name of St.Patrick.
Paddy gets his revenge.
God speed 🙏 ‬
7 days ago
Focus on the task at hand with Bare knuckle pin pointers.
9 days ago
New York I love you dearly! We will get through this for our triumphant return, and I cannot wait! Here is tonight’s little taster of the future, from me to you
The Champ Champ!
Thank you @btsport for airing this tonight!
Emotional to say the least ❤️🙏☘️🇺🇸 Quick shout to Sinead O Connor, I would die for you Sinead and I fucking mean it ❤️
9 days ago
The countdown is on!
10 days ago
‪🇮🇪 🙏 ❤️ “If you strike us down now we shall rise again and renew the fight. You cannot conquer Ireland; you cannot extinguish the Irish passion for freedom. If our deed has not been sufficient to win freedom then our children will win it by a better deed.”‬
13 days ago
Closing of Airports as well as all non essential business, along with stricter adherence to social distancing, must be put in place now!
God speed!
We can do this ❤️
14 days ago
I cannot get Italy out of my thoughts. Praying daily for this great nation that brought the world such amazing things. From it’s people and their culture. To it’s architecture and design. Its style! It’s cuisine! It’s art! The list goes on and on and on! Italy and it’s people are class personified, through and through. ‪Lord Jesus please save Italy and it’s people today and everyday here forward 🇮🇹 🙏 ❤️‬
16 days ago
The Proper Playoffs 🤤 🏆
#repost @properwhiskey
With sports on hold, we’ve got nothing but empty tourney bracket sheets and a hefty dose of optimism. So we figured, what better time to choose the Official Proper Whiskey drink of Spring!
Check our stories starting tomorrow and vote for your Proper drink of choice, and let the Proper Playoffs begin #OneForAll
16 days ago
Happy Mother’s Day my beautiful Queens Margaret and Dee. There is not a day goes by where I don’t thank the heavens above that I and my children, are tied to such an amazingly beautiful gene pool ❤️ Class. Intelligence. Confidence.
Moore/McGregor/Devlin ⚔️
16 days ago
What a buzz!
Please lord let us conquer this situation you have bestowed upon us and allow us learn the lessons you seek for us to learn!
Thank you Lord Jesus and St. Patrick! Chicago, Ireland, the world! Let’s go! Proper Twelve in the gaf stocked up. No weapon formed against me shall prosper.
Stocked. Locked. And Loaded.
God bless, thank you. @properwhiskey 🥃
16 days ago
Quick reminder to stay vigilant with our quarantine efforts, team Ireland!
We have seen a drop over the last 3 days in numbers of infected. From 191 cases on Thursday, March 19th (Our heaviest day to date) to a slight decrease of 126 the following day, Friday March 20th. To now today, Saturday March 21th, a total number of 102 new cases.
These are encouraging drops each day but we are still above 100 a day.
With today being Saturday and the peak of our weekend, plus the fact we have received lower numbers each day, we will all feel tempted to get out and back to living our normal lives again. But now is the time we must remain most vigilant! Remain most vigilant and put this fully to bed. Otherwise we run the risk of going around in circles with these numbers until they hit a spike we then can’t contain.
Stay tight Ireland! We will do this! Together in unity!
God speed to everyone around the world fighting this virus. We fight it side by side! ☘️🌍🙏❤️ Team work makes the dream work, God bless!
16 days ago
Take that, corona virus ☘️
17 days ago
Happy Paddy’s day everyone. Cheers to better times. They will return!
20 days ago
I am grateful for the kind wishes and sympathy for my Auntie’s passing.
I want to clear up that it has been confirmed she was not a victim of coronavirus.
As we prepare for her funeral I know that many of us will confront the virus in the weeks ahead
As I gather with my family I ask you all to make an extra effort to be there for friends and family during the stressful days ahead
And from my family, thank you for your support at this sad time ❤️ 🙏
23 days ago
Ireland you amazing, amazing country. I believe we have this virus contained. And through this containment, we actually may have gone and contained them all.
The good habits we will have now gained from this wild covid-19 attack will see us too strong in future. Hand hygiene. Touching of own face hygiene. Consistent thorough cleaning of handled areas hygiene. What we should really be all doing anyway. I have always been on with my hand hygiene. But not enough. If I think of all the people approaching to shake hands and what not. I often get people say to me please I don’t want a picture, just let me shake your hand. And I’m like yes friend thank you. As it’s more efficient than taking a full picture. But it’s too careless. And too frequent. Touching my own hand to my face as well. Too unaware of the frequency I’d do it. Until now. I’d train my ass off, to the point of low immunity. It’s inevitable with the intensity of the training. The immune system will be tested. I would float around in this manner, and always end up catching little colds and flus. I feel bullet proof right now though! I’m switched on like a motherfucker now.
Stay vigilant on our personal hygiene people. And our personal space.
God speed to us all ❤️ We are not there yet but we are well on our way. On our way in a big way! To the people of the world. We will do this! We are doing this! It’s done. We did it. Congratulations! Oh And it’s summer time now too. Wow! Oh and Who am I fighting.
These photos are from a few days ago at a studio in Dublin’s City centre. I was to announce to the world my @properwhiskey donation to @Tunnel2Towers. A great day! A proud day, I brought my family with me to the studio. Sitting in the chair about to beam live to all the U.S morning talk shows, I get a phone call telling me that my lovely little auntie Anne had passed away. I couldn’t go live anymore. My poor little friendly loving auntie. My mother’s sister. This stupid fucking virus. What the fuck is happening. I took my family to bull island. Looked out at the sea. Took a deep breath. Thank fuck! Lord thank you 🙏
Stay tight people! We are all we got ❤️ Rest in Peace Anne Moore I love you
24 days ago